Anonymous said: *looks up at you* please? -Amy

*smiles and nods a little and does it again*

Anonymous said: *frowns* no it felt good.. why did you get off? *turns my head to look up at you* -Amy

*shrugs* Do you want me to do it again..?

Anonymous said: *frowns* hal? -Amy

Yeah? d-did I hurt you?


remember when zayn kinda just


Anonymous said: *looks down at you* No. You're just right. *waits until you get up then lays down on the floor, resting my head on my arms* Thank you baby. -Amy

*timidly and carefully steps on your back and I hear a refreshing crack, then get off*

Anonymous said: *smiles* Will you walk on my back? Please? -Amy

W-Won’t I crush you?

Anonymous said: *kisses the top of your head* hey babes? -Amy

Mmmm? *looks up at you*

Anonymous said: *wraps one arm around your shoulders* Me too darling. Me too. *sips my coffee, absentmindedly rubbing the side of your calf with my toe* -Amy

*Puts my cup aside when I’m done and snuggles up to you, closing my eyes*